About GLS Oils


With corrosion and deposits becoming more of a problem for the maintenance people, this compressor lubricant information might be of interest to you!

The compressor manufacturer writes his instruction books and designs his compressors for dry, sweet, low-temperature, clean gases and applications below 1,000 psi pressure. Those units never give operators any trouble.

Where we earn our keep is at locations where compressor operating conditions are not ideal: water carryover; sour gases; dirty gases; high pressures; chlorides; and changed operating conditions. These compressor units require special metallurgy, different valve components, different operating clearances, different packing arrangements, and most importantly, a sacrificial lubricating oil not readily available on the commercial market.

The Gibraltar Compressor Oils contains six additives for use in the most severe applications. They are expensive, but they have no commercial equal. That is why thirteen major oil companies buy our oil for use in their sour, wet, high pressure compressors.

Reciprocating compressor lubrications is a very small niche of the lubricating market, but it is a very important part of the market requiring a specialty lubricant. The Gibraltar Compressor Oil could reduce your expenditures as far as spare parts are concerned and at the same time make heroes out of your maintenance people.

Gibraltar has an excellent compressor oil–one that is known for being catalyst friendly and maintenance friendly.  That is how we get our customers, by referrals from satisfied customers that have reduced their down time dramatically by using the Gibraltar Compressor Oil and getting a compressor to perform as it was designed to perform.

Again, we work with our customers from the technical/mechanical stand-point when necessary.  If you need more information or if we can help you in any way please let us know.