Gibraltar Lubricating Services, Inc. is a company that provides services that normally cannot be found elsewhere. Our main activity is specialized reciprocating compressor lubrication for once-through lubrication of the compressor crankcase, cylinder, and packing in sour, corrosive, wet, and/or high-pressure gas streams. In conjunction with this service goes our expertise in solving difficult and baffling compressor operational problems.

Quite often the operators do not know the reason for their troubles, and we then have to look at the whole system. If it is a lubrication problem and our oil formulation will eliminate the difficulties, we will say so. If the problem is other than lubrication, we will tell the operator what options he has for eliminating the complaints.

The Gibraltar line of compressor lubricating oils contains an additive package that protects the metal parts from corrosion and wear due to dirty, wet and corrosive gases. Reciprocating compressor lubrication is a once through application. Therefore, these oils are heavily fortified with anti-corrosion, metal-wetting, water-displacing, anti-scuff additives to cover a wide range of protection. These oils are intentionally designed to be the sacrificial component for protection of metal parts in dirty, corrosive, high pressure gas compressor applications.


Why a Lube Analysis Program is important!

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